The Emperor

I tend to only do works fully on paper when they’re the sort of smaller portraits that I did for 2018’s Inktober. Although it doesn’t usually produce anything worthy of the front page of my website, it’s a fun exercise and can sometimes result in something redoing more elaborately later on- like this one! I’m currently experimenting with angles and more dramatic lighting. More to come on that one!


Valentine's Day Cards 2019

I’ve been working on little valentines with a slightly threatening energy to them this year (while carefully avoiding anything that could be associated with domestic violence/abuse/etc). I’m not sure how many good ideas I’ll be able to come up with this particular theme, but I’ve got at least a few more bouncing around in my head. And, I suppose when it comes to Valentines day, terrible puns are more or less expected if I have a few dumb ideas too.